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Hello, I'm a humble netBSD user, and I like to discover new packages to do more and more things with my computer. Here I'll post how I do things with pkgsrc. Feel free to make suggestions and comments about it.


Masterize file deletion with...

sysutils/wipe: Secure data destruction
wip/neb-wipe: Secure disk partition eraser (NetBSD only)
sysutils/fatback: Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems

Some people are paranoid when it comes to the security and the privacy of their data, even of the erased ones, I guess that it is my case... Since erasing in a secure way is really easy with
wipe, there's no reason to ignore it.

wipe interface is the same as rm for the main flags :

-i interactive - prompt whether to remove each file explicitly checks file permissions
-f forces file wiping and suppresses permission warnings
-r or -R recursion - traverse subdirectories

So you can easily write an alias in your .bashrc file or whatever shell you use, to replace rm by wipe.

alias rm='wipe -i'

neb-wipe allows you to erase your whole netBSD partition, before you give your crappy disk back to your reseller or sell it to your worst enemy. Usage is pretty simple :

neb-wipe - Erase harddisk partitions in a very secure manner,
using the 35-pass Gutmann method
Version 1.0

Usage is: neb-wipe [ -r count ] device
where device is the desired partition, e.g. "sd0a"
If the -r option is given, no Gutmann patterns are used;
Instead, neb-wipe writes the given amount of random
patterns to the disk.

If you are in the opposite situation, you want to explore the disk your worst enemy sold you, and it happens this sucker was using fat32, then you can use
fatback, it is made to undelete files from FAT filesystems and it works pretty well.


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